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Sexual Health

Sexual health services available from St Oswald’s Hospital (Ashbourne Clinic)

Sexual health services provided by the NHS are free to UK residents. Please use the contact details of the Sexual Health Information and Booking Line to arrange an appointment.

Telephone: 0800 328 3383

Sexual Health Screening, Contraception, pregnancy testing all confidential based at St Oswald’s Hospital Ashbourne on Wednesday 3:00 – 6.30pm

Available services:

STI test (no symptoms)Chlamydia testing,Gonorrhoea testing,HIV testing, Syphilis testing
Free condomsC-Card, Condoms
Sexual Health Advice and SupportHelp around abuse and exploitation
LARC (implant and injection)Implant Injection
ContraceptionCap / diaphragm,Patch,Pills,Vaginal ring
Pregnancy supportEmergency contraception, Pregnancy testing, Referral for termination of pregnancy
Male sterilisation (vasectomy)Please contact your G.P for a referral into our Vasectomy Service or contact our Vasectomy team for further info on 01246 293702
LGBT health supportLGBT health support